About Us

How We Got Our Start

Cooking Cajun style is no small feat and always draws a crowd. Jeff Fontenot, Cajun cook extraordinaire, began his Cajun cooking career doing “suppers” for his previous employer, and their suppliers. These events included as many as 125 to 250 farmers and occurred as often as four times per week. Fare included seasoned rib-eye steaks, rice, crawfish étouffée, seasoned coleslaw, and Evangeline-made bread. Those who have had Jeff’s cooking will wait in line for hours for more!

During one of Jeff’s Cajun events in 2004, he met his wife Marisa. She fell in love with the Cajun culture and convinced him to share his passion of Cajun food preparation with the world. FontKnow’s Secret (a spin on the Cajun pronunciation of their last name Fontenot) was born and now YOU can experience Jeff’s Cajun seasoning and dishes. Check out some of his favorite recipes, purchase some of his seasonings (Cajun Blend and/or Seafood Boil) or other products or experience his cooking in person at your next event.